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It's true. At some point, everyone needs a hammer, whether you are hanging a new photo or need to put together an entertainment center.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you head to your local hardware store. And remember, the choices are seeminlgy endless and many hammers are made for specific jobs - e.g. roofing, upholstery, etc.

So keep in mind three basic requirements: Face, Weight, Handle.

First off, narrow your search to the claw hammers, the claw will come in handy for misplaced nails or brackets that need to be moved.

The face of the hammer - which is where the nail meets the tool - come in smooth or milled, which means it's got a pattern etched into the face.

Advantage of smooth? No divots when you miss your nail head, which you will do, even the pros miss.

Next up is weight. Yes, hammers are categorized by weight. Up to a pound, which can be a bit unwieldy for around the house chores. Light work? Light hammer. Heavy work? Heavier hammer. Just remember, the longer you swing the hammer the heavier it's going to feel.

Finally, choose your handle. These days there are plenty of comfort options. Like the shock reduction grips, rubber non-slip, even bamboo.

As for prices? You can pick up a basic claw hammer with a wood handle for as littls as $5. If you want to look cool in front of your friends? Well, leave the price tag on those $40 hammers. And watch out for those thumbs.